Be Christmas Holiday Beautiful With My Beauty First's Various Personalised Services

December 13, 2018

With the Christmas holiday season in full swing, you will want to look and feel your best for the various special events that you will attend with family, friends, clients or customers and/or coworkers. While body scrubs may be your answer, you may need hair removal, massage, cosmetic injection or other types of personalised services to bring back that ‘pretty’ look and feel to your body. Luckily, here at My Beauty First, you can receive these types of services and more at your convenience. Turn to us to be Christmas holiday beautiful, and we will not fail to satisfy your needs.

Our IPL Services for Hair Removal

Turn to our IPL hair removal services to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body in a non-invasive fashion. IPL works by targeting the melanin pigment in the hair with its visible, broad-spectrum light pulses. When the light energy hits the hairs, it warms each one and this damages the hair follicle just enough to remove the hairs. It may take several treatments for maximum results depending upon the denseness of your unwanted hair growth. Our treatments are designed for both men and women, and we offer different treatment packages. Our staff members can use IPL to remove hair from facial, neck, chest, back and tummy areas along with other areas of the body.

We Offer Various Forms of Massage

To remove the tension from your body, you can partake in your choice of our massage services. My Beauty First offers Hot Stone, Relaxation, pregnancy and pensione or aged-care massage techniques. Choose the one that fits your specific needs and situation the best.

Receive One of Injectable Solutions to Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If your fine lines and wrinkles have you feeling and looking old and bedraggled, receive one of our injectable solutions. These solutions help to plump up the skin in their own unique ways to diminish the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. You will look and feel younger after just one treatment.

Body Scrubs from Us Remove Dead Skin Cells

Another beauty treatment to partake in at our establishment is one of our salt scrubs. With the help of our scented salt mixtures, you can shed all of the unsightly dead skin cells that make your skin look flaky instead of smooth and soft.

The above are just of our personalised services that we offer you to make you feel and look beautiful during this Christmas holiday season. Browse through our website or consult with us to learn further details.

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