Body and Ear Candling as Natural Therapies: Should You Be Afraid?

December 9, 2019

Body and ear candling are natural therapies that garnered controversies due to their unorthodox methodology. They are considered as alternative remedies to certain conditions. However, their effectiveness is highly refuted by some due to lack of scientific evidence to back-up their alleged benefits. As a result, some people are afraid to try them because of the risks and possible side-effects. Naturally, people fear what they don’t know. So below are the information you need about body and ear candling as natural therapies so you could decide for yourself if it’s worth a try.

Body and Ear Candling

Body candling, similar to the process of acupressure, helps soothe and detoxify the body using gentle heat exuded by the candle. The resulting melted wax, which is gentle on the body and will not burn, can likewise be employed to moisturise and condition skin.

On the other hand, ear candling is believed to help to soften earwax, dislodge debris and evaporate moisture from water exposure. In addition, ear candling stimulates the circulation system of the body to assist in alleviating these and other issues for a day or so after a treatment session.


Body candling is believed to induce relaxation and improve circulation and skin hydration. The process takes place when the heat exuded by the candles is employed to help improve the overall circulation of the body. However, unlike more conventional methods of body-circulation therapy, such as massage, acupuncture, and acupressure, body candling provides a more gentle approach. It is perfect for individuals who want to reap the benefits of improved circulation, without having to deal with the slight discomfort that comes after a session of other treatment types.

Ear candling is believed to cleanse the ears alleviating existing medical conditions such as swimmer’s ear, earwax build-up, earaches, head congestion from colds, allergies and other sinus issues, and Tinnitus symptoms while regulating ear pressure and improving hearing.


Body and ear candling has gained a bad reputation because of people who attempted to try these practices without proper training. You must never attempt to candle your own body or ears. This is how people burn themselves. Body and ear candling are a very soothing, non-invasive modality and recipients tend to fall asleep or become very relaxed. If you dose off amidst a fire, you are indeed concocting a recipe for disaster.

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