Get a Tuscan Tan and Be Glamorous This Holiday Season!

December 1, 2016


If your spray tan or natural tan is fading away fast just as the holiday season is approaching, you should receive a Tuscan Tan to look glamorous for the upcoming celebrations. After your session, people will think that you just returned from a beach somewhere toasty warm. You may not even need make-up when you treat yourself to one of these tans. Of course, there are other reasons to turn to this tanning method to deepen the colour of your skin, such as the ones we share in the following facts.

The Latest in Spray Tan Equipment

When you turn to this type of spray tan, professionals apply it with the latest in equipment. As a result, the solution covers the skin evenly and smoothly without missing any spots. This helps the tan appear as a natural one instead of a spray version of one.

Accurately Simulates Naturally Tanned Skin Tones

The primary benefit of this brand of spray tan is the fact that it accurately simulates naturally tanned skin tones without the unpleasant orange undertones that other brands are known to provide to people. Nothing is worse than an artificial tan that looks like it is from a bottle, such as the ones that produce the orange-tinted skin.

Tuscan Tan Contains Plant-Based Ingredients and Each Session Produces a Lasting Tan

This tanning method produces the above results, thanks to its 'Violet Tone Complex' that contains plant-based ingredients. No matter what tone of tan you select with this method, you will receive high-quality, 100-percent accurate results with each session. In addition, the spray tan lasts for at least seven days, if not longer, without fading. When it does fade, though, it will do so evenly to further its natural appearance. No other brand of spray tan performs up to this standard in Australia. Also, the plant-based ingredients are gentle on the skin and offer colours that are exclusive to the Tuscan Tan brand.

How to Prepare for a Tanning Session

A full 24 hours before your appointment, you need to perform exfoliating, shaving and waxing to ensure that the solution goes on in the correct manner. This will help to provide the best results.

The Place to Rely on to Receive a Tuscan Tan

When in search of a place to receive this Tuscan Tan to make your body glamorous for this holiday season, turn to My Beauty First. Our company specialises in beauty and skin treatments to help you improve and care for your skin and appearance.

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