My Beauty First Understands the Importance of Maintaining a Covid19 Safe Beauty Salon

December 7, 2020

Everyone is worried about the fast spread of COVID-19 around the globe and its negative impact on many enterprises. It is therefore important for salon proprietors to adapt by keeping themselves updated with relevant news and information from reliable sources and execute the necessary precautions to viably deal with the emergencies and secure your business, staff, and customers all at the same time. Taking action is vital to the progression of your business during and after this problematic pandemic.

How My Beauty First Maintains a COVID-19 Safe Beauty Salon

There are various ways that you can hinder the spread of disease-causing germs in the salon. This is important to implement during and after the COVID-19 emergency.

Give hand sanitiser at the salon entrance and ask customers and guests to utilise them liberally upon arrival. You need to practice consistent handwashing in the salon. Staff should wash their hands with alcohol-based hand soap to eliminate all infections, especially when handling customers to reduce the danger of cross-contamination.

Always keep at least 1-meter distance among you and anyone hacking or wheezing. It's also advised to provide staff with personal defensive hardware that they can wear while giving treatments to customers. Always avoid touching your face; your nose, eyes, and mouth as these are vital entryways for the infection.

Implement great respiratory cleanliness on all occasions. You need to cover your mouth and nose or used a bowed elbow or a tissue at whatever point you want to hack or sniffle. Discard ruined tissue paper immediately to forestall cross-contamination.

If you or your staff experience fever, breathing challenges, and hacking, make sure to stay at home and call for consultation for appropriate diagnosis. Make sure to keep yourself educated about the latest improvements in COVID-19 in your city or town.

Additional Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

The World Health Organization enumerated a few rules for salons to follow for COVID-19 as well as a strategy to diminish the spread of diseases at the workplace.

Cleaning and Sanitation - Rigorous cleaning and sanitation are mandatory on all occasions. Beauty equipment, apparatus and workstations including ledges, treatment rooms, bars, styling stations and spa rooms must be cleaned and sterilised with the correct cleaning items.

Appointment Cancellation - It's ideal to practice caution and understanding during seasons of emergency. Customers and staff must take Vitamin C, adequate rest and drink water to keep hydrated. Ailment cancellation strategy should be authorised if a customer is diagnosed with COVID-19. They ought not to be penalized for cancelling appointments because of an ailment.

Salon Supplies - Your salon ought to have regular supplies of facial tissue, antibacterial soap, and alcohol-based hand cleansers to ensure proper hygiene for both staff and customers.

Social Distancing - During times like this, shaking hands or offering hugs to customers and staff should be avoided. Following social distancing conventions will keep everybody healthy. Make it a habit to not touch your face especially out in the open to decrease the danger of transmission.

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