Third Eye Chakra Healing: What Is This All About?

December 12, 2018

Over the years, you have probably heard about the chakras and how important it is that they be in balance with each other for the body to work in an optimal way. However, with this being said, you might not understand the individual chakras and their purposes. Since we do not want to throw all of them at you at one time, we are here today to explain what third eye chakra healing is along with other pertinent information.

What Is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is the sixth of the seven chakras that help your body be in balance when all is right. It is known as Ajna, which means ‘beyond wisdom’. This chakra is that energy centre of the body and is responsible for perception, reality, intuition, thought and manifesting. When it is in harmony with the other six chakras, you will see things as they actually are, but when this chakra is not in balance with the others, your emotional, physical and psychological health is at risk. The centre of the third eye is right in between the eyebrows and radiates its energy out from there since it is connected to the pineal gland that helps you be awake during daylight hours and sleep during the evening hours.

How to Perform Third Eye Chakra Healing?

Third eye chakra healing is simply the process of cleansing it in order to open and balance it with the other chakras. This process uses various holistic healing treatments to align the mind, spirit and body. These treatments include mindfulness, meditation, Reiki healing, sound healing, colour therapy, yoga and/or more to accomplish total healing of the third eye chakra.

Symptoms That Something Is Out of Balance With Your Third Eye Chakra

  • You have difficulty seeing the big picture
  • A lack of creativity
  • You fail to listen to your inner voice or intuition
  • It is easy for you to become upset and overreact
  • You become self-absorbed
  • Have problems sleeping
  • Anxiety issues
  • Feeling down to the point of depression, which can lead to paranoia, cynicism and even mental illness
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Suffer with migraines
  • Other symptoms

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