Benefits of Removing Spider Veins Using IPL Treatments?

April 2, 2019

Spider veins appear as thin red veins or a network of veins on your feet or legs. Typically, these veins are not serious, but they can cause discomfort, especially if you have been standing or walking for long periods. While many live with these veins without treatment, you may decide to relieve your issue in some manner. Intense pulsed light or IPL treatments are a non-invasive way to remove these veins effectively just for one suggestion on how to solve this problem.

What Are the Cause of Spider Veins?

Structural abnormalities within the veins can cause the blood to pool, which can enlarge the veins slightly as with spider veins. Usually, these veins are blue, purple or red and form in clusters that resemble spiderwebs. Due to the fact that circulation in this area may be less than favourable, you can suffer burning, aching or pain with these veins.

What Are IPL Treatments?

During an IPL treatment, the technician targets the spider veins with an intense pulsed light that is totally non-invasive. As this light hits the veins, it creates heat, which causes the vein walls to collapse and turn to scar tissue. Over the following few weeks, this scar tissue will be reabsorbed by your body and disappear from sight. IPL can reach deep into the skin’s layers where it can perform its function without harming the skin’s surface. The light from the IPL device can be adjusted to suit each person’s unique situation. Treatments range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in length, depending upon the size of the target area.

The Advantages of Using IPL Treatments to Remove Your Spider Veins

• No incisions are necessary with IPL treatments due to the fact that they are not surgical procedures.
• There is little, if any, pain during the treatments since all you will feel is a bit of heat as the light hits the veins.
• Requires no down time to recover. You can return to your daily activities right after each treatment. If your skin feels a bit warm after a treatment, though, you can cool it with an ice pack, but just for a few minutes. Skip the hot shower or bath for only the day of the treatment. Other than all of this, the only other instruction for recovery is to wear sunscreen on the area for about three to four weeks when you are outdoors.

To learn if IPL treatments are suitable to remove your spider veins, consult with My Beauty First. Our specialists are highly skilled at performing these treatments as well as others that improve the look and feel of your body.

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