Benefits of Winter-Season Full-Body Massage

July 27, 2018

In the winter, if you are similar to most people, you do not get out of the house as often as you do during the rest of the year. Also, you can suffer from dry skin from the heat running day in and day out, have more aches and pains from the cold, and even get depressed from the lack of outdoor fun. To combat all of these problems and more, there is a simple solution. All that you need to do is to reap the following benefits of a winter-season full-body massage.

Moisturises Your Skin

Since massage also includes essential oils and/or other moisturisers rubbed into the skin, it will soften your skin and combat the winter dry skin that often happens during cold weather. Repeat the massage as often as you like to reap this benefit.

Increases Blood Circulation

While the masseuse manipulates your muscles, he or she increases the blood flow to the area. This helps deliver the necessary nutrients and oxygen to all areas of your body as a result since this is a full-body massage that we are talking about.

Lifts Your Mood

Massage can chase away the winter blues and even the more serious seasonal affective disorder or SAD that is a type of depression. For this benefit alone, it is worth enjoying a massage in the winter.

Relieves the Aches and Pains That Cold Weather Can Cause

A full-body massage is the ideal way to relieve the aches and pains that cold temperatures can cause. Even if you have arthritis, you can realise relief from its symptoms, which include both stiffness and pain. You will be able to move in a more flexible fashion after just one session.

Boosts Your Immune System

The motions of massage increase the flow on lymph that includes white blood cells. When this occurs, the results are a boost in your immune system. Your body will be able to fight off colds, infections and other health issues more effectively.

Relaxes Your Muscles

Another benefit of a full-body massage in the winter is the fact that it relaxes your muscles. A session will release all of the tension from your muscles that you develop in the course of your life. After a session, you will be able to move and sleep with ease.

For further facts about the benefits of winter-season full-body massage, consult with our staff here at My Beauty First. We specialise in hot stone massage, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage and aged care massage. Also, we offer other expert services for your skin, body, hair and nails to make you look and feel your best.

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