Discomforts Caused by Spider Veins: Why IPL Treatment is the Best Solution

September 26, 2019

Spider veins appear as thin red lines or clusters that look like spider webs. The clusters are frequently red, purple or blue. If you have spider veins, they will usually appear on your legs. They are rarely dangerous, but they may cause some discomfort. You can have them removed if they cause discomfort or you do not like the way they look. IPL treatment is the best way to have them removed.

What Causes Discomfort

If the structure of the veins is abnormal, the veins can be enlarged when blood pools. Your blood may not be circulating properly in the area of the veins, so this area may burn or ache. You may notice the burning or aching after you have been on your feet for a while. The discomfort can be relieved by resting or putting your legs up. However, you may want a permanent solution to the discomfort. This can be achieved by undergoing an IPL treatment.

How IPL Treatments Relieve Discomfort

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This light reaches down into your skin layers without damaging the surface of your skin. This light is focused on spider veins during an IPL treatment. Technicians can adjust the light so it is at the correct intensity for each individual. The light creates heat when it hits the veins. The heat makes the vein walls collapse, and scar tissue is created. The treatment usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes. Your body will reabsorb the scar tissue in the weeks following the treatment, and the tissue will disappear.

Advantages of IPL Treatments

IPL treatments are almost painless. You may feel a slight bit of heat when the light hits your spider veins. Your skin may feel slightly warm after the treatment. You can use an ice pack to cool the skin. An IPL treatment is not surgery, so incisions are not needed. You will not need any time to recover after an IPL treatment, and you will be able to resume your daily routine immediately. Instructions for recovery are minimal. You should not take a hot bath or shower on the day of your treatment. The treatment area should be covered with sunscreen when you are outdoors for several weeks after the treatment.

Contact My Beauty First if your spider veins are causing you discomfort. IPL treatments offered by our technicians can put an end to your discomfort by removing the veins.

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