Hot Stone Massage: Is it Safe for Sensitive Skin?

January 31, 2019

While you have been thinking about receiving a hot stone massage, you may also be concerned if it is safe for your sensitive skin. This is a valid concern since there is a right and wrong way to perform this massage. If you turn to the wrong masseuse or therapist who is not adept with this technique, your skin may suffer harm. Of course, this holds true even if your skin is not sensitive. To help you decide if this massage technique is kind enough for your finicky skin, we offer you a bit of information about this technique, and how it should be performed on clients in the following.

What Is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is performed by the masseuses or therapists holding warm stones in their hands while they work on their clients using gliding strokes or at times, the stones are placed in static positions. The stones can be heated using a variety of methods, such as a dry hot caddie, crock pot or other heating apparatus.

You Should Turn to an Experienced Masseuse or Therapist for This Technique

Be certain to turn to only a masseuse or therapist that is experienced with the hot stone technique for the best results. After all, it is different from other massage methods. The warmth of the stones can add or detract from the experience, depending upon how adept the masseuse or therapist is in performing it.

Stones Can Become Too Hot in the Wrong Hands

With a masseuse or other individual who is untrained in this technique, the stones can be overheated. When this occurs, even with a layer of towel for protection, the stones can burn the skin when they are in a static position.

Some People Should Not Receive Hot Stone Massage

There are times when people should not participate in hot stone massage. If you have a fever, a cold or suffering from the flu, this is not the time to pamper yourself with this type of massage. Also, hot stone massage should not be performed if you have had a recent surgery or an acute injury, suffer from varicose veins or have other health issues.

Hot stone massage is safe for sensitive skin when a professional masseuse or therapist performs it. Do your research or come to My Beauty First to discover further information about this technique. We offer 30-minute and 60-minute sessions with it, and our staff members are highly skilled at performing it.

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