Must-Do Things After an IPL Hair Removal Treatment

April 17, 2019

Today, many people are choosing to use alternative methods to remove hair in order to avoid constant shaving, waxing or plucking. IPL hair removal is one of these methods that is highly effective. While there are specific pre-treatment instructions that you will be told prior to receiving this hair removal, there also are the following aftercare directions that you must perform to ensure optimal results.

1. You may have some bumps and redness on the treatment site immediately after an IPL session. These can last from just two hours up to three days. It is normal for the area to feel similar to a sunburn for the next few hours. To provide relief, place cold compresses on the area. Only use hydrocortisone cream or Aloe Vera gel, if you IPL professional recommends them for relief.

2. Never pick at the bumps as this can cause scabbing and scarring.

3. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30+ if you will be outdoors to protect the skin from sun damage like you always need to do with or without IPL treatments. Remember that you will need to reapply it every two hours unless you are in water or sweating as both call for extra applications of sunscreen. Always avoid direct sun exposure for at least four to six weeks after an IPL session to reduce the risk of light and dark spots forming.

4. Once the redness subsides, you can apply makeup if you so desire. Do not forget to apply moisturiser with or without your makeup.

5. Only shave the area if necessary, but do not wax, tweeze or use depilatories to remove unwanted hair. It takes five to 14 days after an IPL session for the treated follicles to shed their hairs.

6. Until the area quits being irritated by the after effects of the IPL treatments, avoid hot showers and baths. Also, NSAIDs can provide some pain relief.

7. Do not use astringents, certain acne products or chemical peels on the area for at least 48 hours after a treatment.

8. If the treated area is on other parts of the body besides the face, wear loose clothing over it to avoid unnecessary irritation.

9. Contact your IPL specialist immediately if you suffer any signs of infection or other negative reactions to the sessions.

For further details about the must-do things to do after an IPL hair removal treatment, contact My Beauty First. We specialise in IPL for hair removal as well as for other purposes. Also, we deliver other expert services that help you look and feel your best.

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