Opening Your Third Eye: Can Third Eye Healing Therapy Help?

May 20, 2019

A belief in the third eye chakra is a mystical one and it is symbolic of the state of enlightenment for those who believe in its existence. It is the gate that allows entrance into your inner being and a higher level of consciousness. This spiritual eye also is connected to visions, intuition, clairvoyance emotional balance and self-awareness. Physical location of this chakra is just above your nose in the centre of your brow and it has a connection to your pineal gland. This gland controls your body’s biorhythms. To receive its full benefits, your third eye must be open at all times. When it is closed, it can cause you some problems. Third eye healing therapy can reopen it successfully when it is performed in the right fashion.

Problems That Can Happen With a Closed Third Eye

There are a variety of reasons to suffer with a blocked or closed third eye chakra. You may have had trouble since childhood due to a close-minded family or it may be your recent lifestyle at fault for it. Regardless of the reasons for your issues, the following are some of the symptoms of it:

• High blood pressure
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Migraines
• Sciatica
• Lack of inspiration
• Being overly emotional
• You become lost in your thoughts often
• Addicted to certain behaviours with the thinking that they will bring you satisfaction but do not
• Losing touch with reality
• Distrust of people for no good reason
• Your opinions are rigid and unchanging

What Is Third Eye Healing Therapy?

This therapy is about unblocking your third eye chakra. With the help of a professional, you will learn how to see with your soul instead of with just your eyes since this chakra is linked with it. When you accomplish this step, you will transcend the limits of your mind and see things as they really are instead of in a polarised manner. You basically are moving from three-dimensional thinking into the higher fourth-dimensional or even fifth-dimensional thinking, both of which allow you to access astral energy to help you in your life. Meditation techniques, dietary suggestions, chakra jewellery and affirmations are other helpful elements in opening up your third eye along with a professional healing session.

For further information on how third eye healing therapy can help open your third eye chakra, consult with My Beauty First. Our highly qualified staff members perform this therapy along with a wide assortment of other treatments that improve the feel and look of your body. We will customise each session to suit your specific issues.

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