Should Women Be More Conscious About Body Hair?

August 27, 2018

For centuries, society has been dictating how women should look, including where they need to remove hair from their bodies. While certain females resent this fact, most women follow suit in order to fit in with society norms and expectations. As a result, there are numerous removal methods for hair that range from shaving to IPL treatments available to women today. To better understand why women should be more conscious about their body hair, we explore the topic further in the following information.

Removing Body Hair Can Make Women Look More Feminine

According to many, removing hair from legs, underarms, face and other areas of women’s bodies makes them look more feminine. Hairy bodies have long been considered more of a masculine trait and not attractive or feminine for women. This is in spite of the fact that it is normal for both the male and female bodies to grow hair in various places.

Removing Underarm Hair Helps Control Body Odour

Women can control their body odour easier when they remove the hair from their underarms. The hair can hold perspiration longer than bare skin can and also, it can prevent deodorant or antiperspirants from contacting the skin where they can be the most effective in assisting in odour control.

Removing Facial Hair Makes Women Less Self-Conscious

All women can feel self-conscious about facial hair. It even can result in lower self-esteem. For both reasons, women should remove facial hair from their lip, chin, jaw or other facial areas. While all of ages of women can suffer with facial hair issues, it is especially common for post-menopausal women to need to remedy these problems.

Removing Pubic Hair Eliminates the Risk of Bacterial Growth

If women want to reduce the risk of bacterial growth that can cause genital and even vaginal irritation and at times, infection, they should remove at least part of the hair from their pubic area. Some women are afraid to do this, but there are safe methods to accomplish this in an effective fashion.

Removing Leg Hair Allows Women to Wear Stockings More Comfortably

Along with the aesthetic benefits of removing leg hair, women also will be more comfortable wearing stockings when they perform this action. Otherwise, the hair can pull and hurt as the stockings rub against it.

For further answers about why women should be more conscious about their body hair, consult with My Beauty First. We offer a wide assortment of IPL hair removal treatments that are safe and effective for removing hair from even the most sensitive of areas. Also, you can rely on us for other professional hair, nail and beauty services to improve the look and in some cases, the feel of your body.

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