Spring Time Beauty Treatments that You Should Try

August 4, 2019

Spring time means the advent of warmer weather. It also means that you will not need to wear heavy clothes that cover you up completely. You will be exposing more of your skin, and you will want it to look good.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. The light is aimed at a large patch of hair, and the strong light will destroy the hair's roots. IPL hair removal is quick and precise.

If you choose to have hair removed by this method, you will need to take some steps to prepare. You should exfoliate several days before the treatment, and make sure the treatment area has no creams or oils on it.

Other IPL Treatments

IPL photo rejuvenation will remove wrinkles and redness. Pulses of light reach deep into the skin, and this makes collagen and blood vessels constrict. IPL photo rejuvenation can be used on your face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Spider veins can be removed with an IPL treatment. An intense light is aimed at the veins, and the light creates heat. The heat collapses the veins.


You can choose a massage that lasts for 30 or 60 minutes.

A hot stone massage will help you relax and relieve pain from sore muscles. The masseuse will put heated stones on specific parts of your body or move them up and down your body. These stones are heated to between 43 and 54 degrees Celsius.

A relaxation massage will help relieve stress in your muscles. It will ease tension and improve your flexibility.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

This treatment can help you get rid of unwanted fat deposits before you begin wearing your spring clothes. It utilises sound waves to heat fat cells. The fat liquefies, and the liquid is naturally flushed out of your system by your bloodstream and liver.

Salt Scrub

A salt scrub massage can improve the health of your skin by removing dead skin cells. If ingredients that reduce skin oil production are added to the scrub, it can treat acne. A scrub with moisturizer added is great for dry skin. A full-body salt scrub will stimulate your circulation and unblock your pores. It will give you skin that glows and looks healthy.

Contact My Beauty First for information about beauty treatments that will help you look great and feel relaxed. We will help you get your body ready for spring.

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