Springtime Beauty Tips for the Face

September 26, 2018

If you are similar to others, you want to say goodbye to dry, winter facial skin as spring rolls in with its warmer temperatures. Luckily, with the right steps, this is easier to do than you may think. For your convenience, we offer you the following springtime beauty tips for the face.

Exfoliate Away Winter Dry Skin

The first step to take to remove dry, winter facial skin is to exfoliate. This process removes the flaky skin to uncover the new skin underneath. A professionally applied scented salt scrub will accomplish this in an in-depth fashion, and it can be used other places on the body as well to slough off dead skin.

Lighten up the Moisturisers

While you applied heavy creams in the winter to try to keep your face supple and soft, in the spring, you should change over to lighter weight moisturisers. The heavy creams are too much in the warmer temps and may cause problems, such as clogging your pores during your outdoor activities. Why this occurs is simple since you sweat more in warmer weather than you do in the winter. Also, your makeup is typically lighter weight too in the springtime.

Remember to Apply Sunscreen Often throughout the Day

During the winter months, you may not have gone outdoors that often depending upon your temperature sensitivity. As a result, you might be out of the habit of applying sunscreen. Also, remember that you need to reapply throughout the day at least every two hours and more often if you are swimming or sweating.

Drink Enough Water Each Day

Keep your body hydrated with water each day. All of your cells require water to perform their functions, including those in your skin. In addition, the water helps moisturise your skin from within the body.

Eat the Fresh Foods of the Season

Spring is the ideal time to nourish your body with the fresh foods of the season. When you feed your body the right nutrients, it helps to fortify your facial and other skin as well as the rest of your body.

Exercise Regularly

Believe or not, your facial skin will benefit from exercise on a regular basis. Even the sweating you do during a workout will remove toxins from this skin. Also, exercise increases your circulation, which helps the blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to your facial and other skin more efficiently.

To learn further springtime beauty tips for the face, consult with My Beauty First. Our specialists are highly qualified in delivering quality services for the body, nails and hair. We offer a wide assortment of services that range from scented body scrubs to IPL hair removal and much more.

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