The Basics of Salt Scrub Body Treatment and how it is done

October 16, 2019

At the end of a long and exhausting day, you are entitled to your version of relaxation. Be it a good rest, massage, or spa pampering – you need to give yourself a break and let your body receive the rejuvenation it deserves.

That is why a day at the spa is one effective way of taking care of your body. And your spa visit would never be complete without the ever-popular salt scrub body treatment, also known as salt glow or sea salt scrub.  

The salt scrub body treatment is an application meant to exfoliate the skin. Such is done to get rid of dead cells that make the skin dull, stiff and flaky. Once dead cells are removed, new cells would regenerate, leaving you with softer and smoother skin.   

How it’s done

Salt scrubs are ideally done in spa salons to set a more relaxing environment. Due to its simplicity and convenience, you can still enjoy the benefits of the said treatment even within the confines of your own home. However, if you opt for a more rejuvenating and less hassle experience, spa salons have got you covered.

In a spa setup, the client will be instructed to lie face down with a towel draping them. It is important to first ensure that the client is comfortable and relaxed. Before applying the scrub, the spa therapist will check the client’s skin for any wounds, cuts, scratches, and lesions to avoid such sections during exfoliation.

The spa therapist would then apply the salt scrub against the skin, one section at a time. The said scrub is normally composed of sea salt granules blended with aromatic essential oils such as lavender, mint, and lemon. The application generally starts with the feet eventually working their way up the entire body.

The salt scrub consistency and the pressure application vary depending on the client’s build, sensitivity, and preference. The spa therapist needs to communicate with the client to ensure their utmost comfort and relaxation.

After the application, the spa therapist will gently rub the scrub against the skin to exfoliate. Once done, the client will be instructed to shower to rinse away the salt scrub. The client must refrain from using soap or shower gel so as not to remove the oil and minerals from the scrub.

Once the salt scrub has been rinsed off, the spa therapist would then dry the body with a towel. Then, a moisturizing lotion will be applied to hydrate the skin after the scrub. In some spa salons, the salt scrub is done as a preparation for a massage. Others would combine the scrub with the massage itself.

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