The Benefits of Relaxation Massage During Summer

February 7, 2020

When the days are longer and the nights are shorter, people are naturally inclined to make the most of a day’s worth. Summer could be a high time for ponds, pools and garden hoses if you are trying to beat the heat. Unfortunately, the extra fun also means sore, aching muscles, exhaustion, and the need for some serious rest. If you want to just shut down and engage in a fulfilling Zen activity, no one is stopping you. In fact, you can maximise a day of relaxation during this season. Below are the benefits of a relaxation massage during summer.

Reduce Pain Brought by Exercise

Sunny days and only a few short months to enjoy them means your muscles are out doing more work than they are used to, and in a short period of time. There are tons of opportunities to overwork your muscles; relaxation massage can help reduce aches and pains related to sore, strained, or pulled muscles resulting from increased exercise during summer. Getting regular relaxation massages helps your muscles stay limber, reduces inflammation, and lessens the chance of injury.

Stress Reliever

Stress happens regardless of the season. With kids at home to entertain, endless plans and vacations, work and bills and the same daily stressors, summer is rough on the body and mind. If you are feeling especially stressed, even just one relaxation massage session will help release tension and give you a chance to relax.

Reduce Swelling of Joints and Limbs

Many people suffer from increased swelling and discomfort in the summer months, due to the heat, humidity, and static accumulation of fluids. Relaxation massage can help increase circulation throughout your entire body, joints and limbs included (where swelling is most common). Lymphatic relaxation massage is specifically designed to push fluids through the body, releasing the build-up of toxins and keeping circulation flowing to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Relief from Yard Work

Whether you enjoy working on the lawn or in your garden, yard work really takes a toll on your body. Pulling weeds, pushing a lawn mower, raking the soil – all equal a sore lower back and shoulders. Relaxation massage therapy can help reduce inflammation in these areas and relieve pain. Specific trigger point therapy can offer significant pain relief for these areas and get you back out in the yard in no time.

Promotes Self-Care

The truth is – there is really no bad time to get a relaxation massage, with certain medical conditions aside. However, the summer is often one of the busier times of year. Plans and activities seem to fill every box of the calendar, giving yourself little time for tender loving care. Now is a great time to book a relaxation massage for you.

Enjoy a relaxation massage this summer by calling My Beauty First to schedule your appointment. We will help you discover the relaxation massage benefits for your body.

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