Therapeutic Benefits of Aged-Care Massage for the Elderly

March 8, 2019

No other age group benefits more than the elderly or senior citizens do from massage sessions. The massage should be tailored to this age group, though, for them to feel optimal results. Aged-care massage has been designed to soothe the special needs of senior citizens. The movements are deep enough to produce results but sufficiently gentle not to cause pain during the sessions since the elderly can be a bit more sensitive than younger people can in these sessions. In addition, this older age group often has special needs. Refer to the following to learn some of the therapeutic benefits of this type of massage for senior citizens.

Increases Circulation

As you age, issues can occur with your circulation that slows down the blood flowing to all the parts of your body in the proper manner. This not only hinders the delivery of vital nutrients to your various cells but also the delivery of life-giving oxygen. You can suffer other health issues when you have problems with your circulation. Aged-care massage techniques increase the blood flow. Therefore, is a natural treatment for certain types of circulation problems. Always check with your doctor before participating in the massage for this reason, in case you have an underlying medical issue that also needs addressing.

Relaxes Muscles and Tendons

Your muscles and tendons will give up their tension through the movements of aged-care massage. Muscles and tendons can become tight and tense easier the older you get and massage softens them by removing the tightness and any knots that may form.

Lifts the Mood

Another therapeutic benefit of aged-care massage is that it releases endorphins that are the ‘feel-good’ hormones of the body. Just one session can be mood-lifting as a result of this fact.

Increases Flexibility

Since this massage loosens tight muscles and tendons, it also increases your flexibility and range of motion. You will be able to move about easier no matter what your daily routine is.

Supports the Immune System

All types of massage, included the aged-care one, support the immune system. The various movements cause the body to release toxins that are then, flushed away through the body’s excretory system.

Provides Pain Relief

An additional advantage of participating in aged-care massage is that it will relieve pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that occur with age. Today, we understand that pain medications are not always the best method to relieve the aching that can happen in the bodies of the elderly. When you need this relief, try aged-care massage first, and you might not need the medications.

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