Top Ten Myths about Laser Hair Removal

June 25, 2019

Many people have reaped the benefits of laser hair removal over the years, but some still hesitate to turn to it due to a long list of inaccurate information or myths being broadcasted about this procedure. That is why we debunk the following top ten myths about this process.

Myth 1: It Takes Only One Session of Laser Hair Removal to Produce Long-Term Results

Sounds amazing if it is true, but do not believe this myth. The truth is that you will need between six and eight sessions of this hair removal process to reap optimal, long-term results.

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal Is Extremely Painful

Wrong! This procedure does not hurt any worse than waxing does to remove hair. Most recipients report that it feels just mildly uncomfortable.

Myth 3: It Is an Expensive Process

In comparison to buying enough razors, paying for waxing or any other removal process throughout the year, laser hair removal is quite affordable.

Myth 4: Removing Hair with a Laser Scars the Skin

While you are at minor risk for scarring to occur during this procedure, this risk is reduced substantially by turning to a highly trained technician for the process.

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal Is Unsafe

Some people fear that laser removal of hair is dangerous, but if you use a quality technician who uses the latest machine to perform this process, it is safe for you to receive.

Myth 6: This Removal Process for Hair Can Make Hair Grow in Denser

The reason that this myth is false is that each treatment reduces the hair growth by approximately 10 to 25 percent.

Myth 7: Laser Hair Removal Is Equally Effective on All Types of Hair

Results of this removal process vary greatly between hair colour. While black and brown hair removes easily, red hair is tough to remove, and light-coloured hair lacks the melanin that the laser targets to kill the follicle, and therefore may not be removable through this process.

Myth 8: It Will Cause Cancer

Laser hair removal in no way causes cancer.

Myth 9: The Laser Hair Removal Is Not Effective on Dark Skin

It is not the skin that is targeted by the laser to remove hair, but it is the melanin in the hair itself. As long as the hair has sufficient melanin, the process should be successful on some level at removing the unwanted hair regardless of the skin colour of the recipient.

Myth 10: This Process Permanently Removes Hair

Even though the hair follicles are damaged during this process, they may still continue to grow hair. For this reason, the process does not produce 100-percent permanent results.

For further myth debunking about the laser hair removal process, consult with My Beauty First. Our highly skilled specialists provide a wide assortment of quality services to improve the look and/or feel of your body.

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