Why Choose IPL Hair Removal Instead of Waxing or Shaving

January 23, 2020

Hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving have been the norm since time immemorial for women all around the world who want to get rid of their unwanted body hair. If you think about it, so much time, effort and resources have been spent to go through these methods only to have it repeated once the body hair grows back. Luckily, a much better hair removal method has been invented.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Hair Removal is a process wherein high-intensity light energy is produced in brief bursts to target and destroy melanin in hair follicles, thereby disrupting hair growth. This means that after a couple of sessions, unwanted body hair will no longer grow back permanently. If that is not reason enough, below are other benefits of choosing IPL hair removal instead of waxing or shaving.

Cost Effective

If you think of all the money you spent on waxing or shaving over the course of your life and add the amount of what you will be spending on the same thing in the future, then you will most likely be surprised at how expensive waxing or shaving can get over time. If you decide on an IPL hair removal, you will see that it is a great investment since you no longer have to spend anything on hair removal methods after the treatment.

Time Saver

Some people shave every day, others every two or three days. Whatever your hair type, IPL is a big time-saver. The process is fairly quick, and only has to be repeated every four to six weeks for a number of sessions. After an IPL hair removal process, there is no need for you to schedule a waxing or shaving time. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to clear one task out of your schedule and make use of it for other more important activities.

Beauty Benefit

Since IPL hair removal is done with less tugging on hair follicles from waxing or shaving, the delicate skin of the underarms are not as aggravated. Permanent hair removal instead of shaving also means there are no darker roots visible beneath the skin, lightening the underarms considerably once a majority of the hair has been affected by the IPL treatments. When your hairs are destroyed at the follicle, you no longer have to worry about hairs growing out badly, or getting uncomfortable ingrown hairs and shaving razor bumps on your skin.

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