Why Should You Avoid Sun Exposure After IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

February 28, 2018

Instead of turning to the traditional methods of shaving to remove unwanted hair, many are now turning to IPL hair removal treatments to accomplish this goal. For these treatments to be as successful as possible, though, you must follow the directions of what to do and not to do before and after them. We will explore all of these directions along with explaining the reason why you should avoid sun exposure after this type of hair removal treatments.

Directions for Before the IPL Hair Removal Treatments

You can negatively affect the result of your IPL hair removal if you do not adhere to the following directions:

  • Do not tweeze, bleach or wax the target area for a full four weeks prior to the treatment.
  • Exfoliate the target area three to four days prior to your treatment.
  • Shave the area 24 hours before your treatment with a new razor.
  • The target area for the treatments should be free of tanning products, creams, oils and moisturisers for your appointment.
  • Avoid sun exposure prior to the treatment to prevent the risk of burning during it along with other issues.

The Reason That You Should Avoid Sun Exposure After IPL Hair Removal

Along with adhering to the above directions, you should also avoid sun exposure after you have your treatment for a period as long as six months, especially when you are prone to your skin suffering hyperpigmentation in response to various types of trauma including UV rays. Also, if you need another treatment of IPL to complete your hair removal goal, you could adversely affect the success of that session. To learn how long you should avoid sun exposure in your specific case, check with the professional who will perform your treatment.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is when the skin turns a darker shade than the surrounding skin. This occurs in patches and is typically a harmless condition. However, it can make your skin have a blotchy, unattractive appearance. To reemphasize the previous section, this is why you should avoid exposure to the sun after your IPL hair removal session.

For further details about IPL hair removal treatments, and why you should avoid the sun after them, contact My Beauty First. Our highly skilled specialists deliver quality workmanship and services to all of our clients. We are experts in the latest hair dressing, hair removal, skin, nail, and beauty treatments to ensure your satisfaction each time to call upon us. Make an appointment with us at your convenience.

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