Why Utmost Care Is Important After an Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Procedure?

February 14, 2019

Ultrasonic fat cavitation is a slightly invasive alternative to the tumescent liposuction, and it uses ultrasonic waves to transform fat cells into fatty acids. The body can then flush these fatty acids out of its system easily through the lymphatic and urinary tract system along with any toxins that may also result. Other benefits of this type of session are that it can be performed in a lunch hour without any downtime for recovery and that it is less expensive than fat-melting laser or fat-freezing sessions are for participants. One important point for us to explain is that you must take the utmost care of yourself after the ultrasonic fat cavitation treatments to ensure optimal results. Refer to the next section to learn further facts about this.

Follow Post-Care Instructions to Guarantee Optimal Results

• Drink plenty of water right before and immediately after each session. Also, drink sufficient water during the next 24 hours. The specialist who performs this treatment should advise you on how much water is right for your specific case. Water helps to flush the fatty acids and toxins from your system.

• Lightly massage the treatment area after each session to keep the fatty acids and toxins from staying in one place too long. If you fail to do so, the body cannot eliminate them as quickly.

• Cardio exercise also is recommended for at least 20 minutes after a session. Also, it is a must for the next three days after that. This releases any excess stored energy that the cavitation process creates.

• Eat a healthy diet that is low in carbohydrates, fat, sugar and calories for the four days following the treatment. This helps the body use up the triglycerides that the session releases into the blood stream. Of course, a diet such as this is beneficial to everyone all throughout the year.

• It is important to note that it takes a minimum of three days for the body to eliminate the fatty acids and toxins created during the ultrasonic fat cavitation sessions. Also, you will most likely need additional sessions to achieve optimal results, but they should never be performed closer together than every three days.

For further information about the process of ultrasonic fat cavitation and why the utmost care is important after each session of it, contact My Beauty First. Our highly skilled specialists perform this procedure in 35-minute sessions to remove unwanted fat deposits in various parts of the body. You also can turn to us for a wide assortment of other services that enhance the condition and appearance of your body.

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